Individually online service have different systems in how to set passwords. In front of many people who remember the password for each service is not less than a challenge. But what if you bother to type the password and password to remember not to take them! University of California researchers has developed a device through which a thought in your mind, your thoughts will become password. This will get rid of the hassle of typing a password. Any ideas would bring the front of the system in the brain.


Researchers have designed a tool called Mindset. Bio – Mindset an EEG sensor technology unit must have started working on the user’s brain – Waves (brain waves) and will read and send messages as the password. Mindset design of a high-tech headphones, connected to the system via Bluetooth. Whatever you think, that arose during Brain – Waves password will become. Your system will be connected.

Safe from hacking or theft

replace your password with brainwavesLike all Brain Finger Prints – Waves are also different.

Brain – Wave, Bio – Sensor Technology

Bio – Sensor technology that reads brain waves. With the help of EEG devices such as the user’s brain – is read out and the Brain Waves – Waves passwords work.

EEG technology

Electroencephalogram- इलेक्ट्रोएनसिफेलोग्राम (EEG) technology to measure electrical activity of the brain. Metal electrodes attached to the skin of the head, brain waves, prepare Pattern. A Polygraph machine that records the waves.