You will be surprised to see Google’s new office

Tech company and the world’s largest Internet search engine Google is often in the news. This time it is gathered headlines because of its huge office. Google headquarters in California’s new Biggest’Bay – View’ that is being made, the employee with each other – easily found. The Idea Exchange. The company plans to break the illusion that Web companies large enough to have an office? The software can be created on a laptop from home.

Google off
Google off

GooglePlex Bay – View

– Nine rectangular four-storey buildings. Were pushed through. Will be on the roof garden.

– Bridge to link together every building. Underground parking altogether.

– Ensure that such work is done in natural light. But do not blurry computer screen.

– Each employee is just two minutes walk to any of its affiliates may reach.

– The place on campus – will be in place lounge, café, swimming pool, gym, spa, sports arena.

– For anyone not a private cabin. And behind every employee will board an Idea.

– America’s largest corporate office.

35 thousand employees made New Plan

When Google took this decision when preparing their own way. All 35 thousand employees surveyed. To find out what they do? What place do you want? There is another group how many of them? Also light from sunrise to sunset, wind speed and direction data collected. After the survey of America’s largest realty firm Anbibije was to build a new office.


Draw a gradient Google Best Crab

So far Google has only previously been purchased buildings and slap them according to your needs. Google’s Chief Architect David Radcliffe says, “We are the world’s best crab Draw a gradient. Others for a living creature who uses armor. ‘Existing Google Hedofis’ Mountain View’ was the first office of Silicon Graphics. Was the first headquarters of the Port Authority of New York office.

Apple also No more less, “Speceship ‘made the new headquarters

– California near Kyuprtino be completed by 2016.

-1650 Rs. If the land is purchased.

– Office of the ring. 1615 ft diameter.

– A truck dirt during construction will not drop out. Area hundred acre campus has 7,000 trees.

– Underground Auditorium with a capacity of one thousand people.