Finally the long awaited Apple iPhone 5 iPhone 5 S and C was launched on Tuesday in some selected countries . Although India is not yet in these countries . Indian Apple fans will have to wait just a little .

By December, In markets

Apple’s new iPhone 5 ‘s U.S. , UK , Australia , Canada , China , France , Germany , Hong – Kong , Jpan , Puerto Rico and Singapore from September 20 will begin fetching . December 2013 but only reach other countries . When the new iPhone will be available in India , the company did not respond to it .


Prices range model

Since the launch of iPhone 5 Apple iPhone 5 S and C is much discussion on prices . The company iPhone 5 C 16 GB version has been priced at 99 U.S. dollars . But you may be relieved by the fact that it is absolutely not for the customer . It is the customer for the service contracts .
Apple iPhone 5 C ‘s entry-level 16 GB version is priced at U.S. $ 549 . The Indian market is Rs 35,000 in the price at no extra charge .

With a vibrant, lively interface and new features
With a vibrant, lively interface and new features

This model is £ 469 for UK customers . Its price in India is around Rs 46 852 . IPhone 5 to customers in Germany, 599 euros worth of C , according to India’s currency is approximately 50 500 rupees . This model of iPhone unlock model . Apple iPhone 5 s individually priced version of the iPhone 5 is C $ 100 . Apple iPhone 5 s to 16 GB is priced at U.S. $ 649 . Its price in India is around Rs 41,500 .
iphone 5s
What is the service contract

Apple iPhone 5 Si 2 -year contract with U.S. wireless service plan is available at a price of $ 99 . The phone officially can not be used in any other country . U.S. AT & T , Sprint and plan Varijon service providers with which you can buy Apple’s iPhone .

It is not cheap iPhone

IPhone 5 C in the Indian market was quite windy at this point that this phone will attract especially the Indian customers with its low price . But the price of this phone in other countries are looking at the same thing air . Rs 35,000 for the entry-level iPhone could be cheaper to fix . 16 GB iPhone 5 is priced at Rs 45,000 in the Indian market , the price of the new 16 GB iPhone 5S is no additional cost of about Rs 41,500 .