gay marriage proposal in google officeRecently at Google’s London office you might have seen meeting of a gay couple and with witness to all employees who work at Google’s London office. Actually Shaun Auckland an google Employee, having an affair with boyfriend gay Michael from the last two years. Auckland exposed to it on YouTube make public.

Shaun wrote on the YouTube that he have relationship with Michael’s from last two years. He work at Google’s Francisco office. Michael live in London. As they work for same Company so they met together of official purpose and had friendship meanwhile. then they felt they like each other and they proposed.

Video of Gay Marriage proposal  at Google Office London

This time when Shaun Came to London Office Michael Invited him for the lunch. And Michael was prepared this time to propose him.
When Michael Arrived for lunch with his sister, it was a plan and surprise from Shaun, who wanted to surprise all other colleagues.

After singing marriage song Shawn bent his knees and proposed to Michael’s. On this occasion he brought the ring with him and he gave Michael a ring worn. The two had a – what was the other. I love Michael from Oakland and San Francisco added to the marriage proposal, which Michael immediately said yes.