Malware is a type of software program that can be dangerous to your computer. The software hackers design it to steal personal data.  hackers Use of a term of malware, viruses, spy ware and etc. are warm. These three are the only form of the virus. Malware accessing your personal files can be transferred to a device in another. They can be hacked through your notes, photos, video, or bank account information attached to steal.


Reasons of malware attack

There are many causes of computer malware attack. Downloading from the internet is a one of big reason to be. You’ll be downloading as much greater risk of malware. We Internet content, pictures, videos or songs etc., that’s their way of malware are viruses come easily to our system.

The removable device installed in the computer several times because of the malware becomes. If you have any pen drive or memory card installed in your system, which already has the virus, it can be dangerous to your system.


Ways to prevent malware Attacks

– The downloading of songs or pictures etc. Please do it only from trusted websites. Maybe it’ll give you some money but it will be good for your system.
– If your system does not have anti-virus or anti-malware Please install it immediately.
– Anti-virus for your system should be updated time to time. It will also show that anti-virus is working properly or not.
– Protect your important data with a password, so it is not easy to hack or steal. If you set a password, it should be used both numbers and letters.
– Install firewalls on your PC. Firewall between the computer and the Internet acts like a protective wall. Always keep it on.