As Many people object to this on Google, and fined seven million U.S. dollars. In this case the agreement between Google and the U.S. under 38 states. Google already was under charge in which tens of thousands of emails, passwords and delete Internet history. The figures in the Google cars cameras raised between 2008 and 2010. The houses in these cars to the wireless network cameras were these inputs. Google has expressed satisfaction over the matter resolved.

Fines and training

google street view snooping scandalThe company said in a statement about the privacy rights of our company that we work very hard. But in this case we could not do it. Chalk up your system so we have proof. The statement said that the project leaders did not want. These figures and the numbers not seen anyone. We are pleased that we have worked closely with the Attorney Connecticut and other states have also reached this agreement.

New York Attorney General Eric Snaiderman announced the agreement between Google and the various states. He said that his own personal and financial information consumers have the right to protect companies like Google may not be able to use them unpalatable. Not only Google will run an advertising campaign in which they tell their customers that they have the information on how to protect wireless networks.

The controversy over the world’s experts sought changes in Google. Technology research firm Ovm Jan Dawson, chief expert, says that Google is the largest fine of its kind on penalties. However, according to Dawson for seven million dollar company like Google is similar to the change.