Eradication of roaming across the country early in the telecom ministry has begun procedures. The Department of Telecom (DoT) feedback with all telecom companies – after consulting the trial started.  DOT sources “Business News” told all mobile service providers in the first round of the Open House discussion has doubts and difficulties of the companies discussed. The trial started all telecom companies have been networked together. Sources in the next 2-4 months, the network will complete the trial process.


Sources say that telecom operators in various circles in your network to make some technical changes. Therefore, it is essential to trial. All companies will change the level of your network. This will not be charged any additional roaming across the country.  Sources said the Department of Telecom and mobile operator during the next 2-4 months, both, your level will complete the trial process. After that it will be launched. Meanwhile, sources said the government before elections due in 2014 can launch free roaming.

Sources Public – Lubhavn plans to launch before the elections the government may gain. So, the government might offer it as an electoral weapon. Significantly, telcos get Rs 13,500 crore roaming revenues.  Sources roaming free on the other hand the government does not want to return the call rate hike. Therefore, companies have revenues from roaming charges, it would need to be adjusted in some other way.

  • Odds and ends – during the next 2-4 months, the network will complete the trial process
  • Why – Telecom operators in various circles to make technical changes in the network, so it needs to be for the Trial
  • When launching – government elections in 2014, the first free roaming can launch, the government might offer it as a political weapon

Read Also : If a mobile phone subscriber’s prepaid connection is balance in the amount of more than Rs 20 not cancel the connection. Telecom regulator TRAI’s new guidelines are applicable from 22 February. Consumer Protection Regulation is amended by the telecom regulator. According to them, the consumer does not use the 90 day prepaid connection. If the balance is less than Rs 20 service provider may disconnect the connection. The new rules also exempt service provider companies. Accordingly, the non – active (Inactive) numbers can deduct a fixed amount every month, which shall not exceed Rs 20.  TRAI had found that nearly 20 million service provider companies – Pre-paid connections were cut. They were not in use for less than 30 days. The average balance was among six rupees.

Raoming Free India
Raoming Free India

Get a 15-day grace period
TRAI said in his order that the consumer will cut the connection, it will be at least 15 days. It will make the same number again activated.

Post – paid subscribers what?

Post – paid subscribers with numbers from the service provider companies will charge 150 rupees. Instead, they use without Inactive number can have a maximum of three months.