You may have purchased a variety of goods from the online retail companies. People usually buy dressshoes, perfume, Electronics or gadgets etc. But this is the first time you can buy cars that you can wish from any company. Online retail giant has started booking the country’s top SUV maker Mahindra & Mahindra‘s Scorpio model online. Snapdeal  will put the big picture on Thursday on their site, will put the SUV and announce its bookings first time in India. Its going to be an Exciting moment when an Automobile car booking & sales have become online.

M&M Scorpio Going online
M&M Scorpio Special Edition

Mahindra‘s new model of Scorpio will be launched on September 25 and Snapdeal has announced the booking price Rs 20,000 for the cosumers. with this amount you can book Scorpio online. Then to take delivery, you have to go to a particular dealer. Now Preorder for car rely on their dealers, but the progress of e-commerce in the country because they want to connect to it. They hope that this will have an impact on their sales and will be booking more.

Motorola Brings SmartWatch Moto 360 to India

American company Motorola has introduced in India its SmartWatch Moto 360. But the company has not yet announced the price. It will be sold via online retailer

Motorola First 360 Smartwatch in India
moto-360 Smartwatch

Moto 360, having backlit screen that is 1.56 inches and it is lighted from behind. This is the LCD display and therefore sees with clarity the pictures. Its resolution is 320×290 pixels. The stainless case and two sheds in the Dark and Light Colour. It has a leather belt. The battery is 320 mAh. It is Omapi 3 processor. It has 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. The battery is so powerful that runs throughout the day without a recharge.

This SmartWatch costing in US $ 249 (approx Rs 15,000) will get it approximately this price in India. Its price should be almost the same in India.