Do not be the victim of account hacking

protuct account hackingAccount being hacked email account in cyber cafes in major reason the user when signing Remember – the Check’m late. It has no other user can open your account on that computer. Therefore, this option is also not Check. Many times – using key logger software on the computer you have pressed the key becomes the record. To avoid this, you can not generally. The third reason is the addition of the word a lot easier to create your password. Password cracking software available today for those who are brought into use. It’s easy to keep your password so that no one could predict it was not.

Note that when you set the password of any of its public Information not create a password. Some, such as your date of birth, telephone number and mobile number to Use the password. This is absolutely wrong. Doing so increases the risk of hacking your account.

Portable charger for mobile ‘Recharge Plus’ launch

recharge plus portable mobile charger launchedThe country’s largest maker of mobile phone battery PM Powerpak new portable charger for Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd launched. The company on the charger ‘recharge plus have a name. The company portable charger is designed keeping in mind the Indian market conditions. ‘Recharge Plus is priced at Rs 1,499, the price, battery capacity is 2600 mAh. The company will soon launch a product of three smaller and luxury design plan. Povrpak portable charger mobile charger is only going to be in the country.