If your Android phone is 3G or 2G data service if the Wi – Fi Anebld devices such as tablets, laptops can access the Internet from your phone. Android phone then this process is extremely easy and you can do it over fast. This feature of the phone, go to Settings option Tethring and portable hotspot Wireless Networks tab, go to the menu can be activated. Activation can share the connection with other devices. But before starting this feature, be sure to charge the battery to full.

android wireless
android wireless

Make PC Control

The special magic of Android phones that can be accessed by remote control from a PC. The phone’s user interface desktop PC with the help of the network interfaces can be accessed. You sat on your phone – you can access the PC sitting, but it is important to be open to the PC.

Make phone touchpad

Touch Android phone with your PC mouse and – can be used like a board.Cursor assumes control of the Apes PC. The phone with the built – in – the board can then typing on PC.

Mobile phone speaker Voyrlas

PC speaker does not feel like listening to songs and songs saved on the PC, Android can hear from the speaker. Rsr 4 Llhri 1 charge is a similar application installed on the phone can store user play. While the software has to be downloaded to your PC user. PC to run the software on a single IP address, which will be installed in the phone app to run Soundwoyr and write it to the IP address. Now you can listen to on your phone to music saved on the PC.

Create Webcams

If the desktop PC and web chatting or video conferencing webcams do not want to download OO 1 Sruien application called Google Play Store can use the camera as a webcam. Just phone Wi – Fi to connect to. Put the phone in a remote location from the camera directly on the PC can send the recorded video feeds. By downloading the app on your smartphone to type the username and password is. A concert, wedding or any award function – function or live broadcast can also Popularity temple of God, and your Friends and Relatives can see live footage.

Create a Data Server

USB cable can not always carry in pocket. But if you ever need to transfer data from PC to phone or phone to PC, and it will do so without data cable? So why not make the phone as data server. Or if a short – run thick site are also details of the website by entering the phone call from FTP upload content. The special feature of these apps that notebook, PC or other devices can connect to your phone.

Android apps
Android apps

Create a Torrent Downloader

Bittornt enough if you use your phone for downloading the files can Ug. Torrent There are many apps which can be installed on Android phones, after which the user can download files directly to your phone. Ill 3 11 48 Sh Google Play Store you can install in your phone. It would be better to Torrent Wi – Fi use on the pocket rather than have to loose.

Create Srvilons Camera

Hearing> Ry will take you to your phone or Srvilons cam spy cam can convert. You are somewhere out of the house and the kids are at home to keep an eye on your phone so you can convert into Srvilons cam. It is difficult to keep track of home during your absence, either for investment or CCTV camera to the phone Srvilons. Kd Hiङgङrgen phone can install the Google Play Store. As will be any movement in the house and it will automatically start streaming VLC Media Player or the browser you can see the live feed. This can also drag the snapshot.

TV live streaming

The Digital Living Network Alliance Dielana help you save on your mobile videos, photographs or music you can play on your TV. Is an app on your phone, you can download it from Google Play Store. It should be Kanpetebl Dielana your TV. Kanpetebl Dielana on your tablet or Acteepisi You can access the Content. After installing this app saved in mobile video, photographs can play on these devices. This app on the device Wi – Fi connects to.


PC SMS alerts

Many times, your phone is switched off due to battery problem. I needed during calls or messages that you can access your PC. Phone is switched off while charging have to pay separately for missed call alert. All the calls and SMS alerts through the application user can access on PC like Instant Messenger. If desired, can also send SMS from PC.