Do you have your computer / laptop which is annoying you with its slow speed? Here we have 6 Best tips that’ll make your computer fast.

1.  Computer is affected by virus which is mostly coming from the internet and USB drives. To avoid this, always install anti-virus software to keep your computer safe & secure. always update your anti-virus software with the help of the internet, it will begin to be updated automatically and keep your data safe.

2. Disk Clean-ups:  when we use the Internet in our computer many type of files saved in our PC which we would not know. These files are hidden files in the hard disk of the computer and the computer continues to slow. These files Temporary files, cache files etc. Click on start Button and Find %temp% this option then all computers will open unsolicited files folder and you can Delete them to make your PC fast. Doing so did all the waste and non-essential unsolicited files in the hard disk will be deleted and will increase system speed.

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How to better your sluggish computer?
3. Empty Recycle Bin-when home garbage gets so so much we give it litter to0 but we do so often in your computer files are deleted but we forget to to clean the recycle bin & in this condition our system that keeps files. Delete these files from the Recycle Bin. Deleting files from the Recycle Bin is just an own shortcut icons appear in the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop and Right click on the Recycle Bin empty-the RecyleBin, then choose option of Yes and you will get files from your computer permanently deleted.
4 Un-Install/Delete the unnecessary Program:  Open Control panel and programs in your system then in the Control Panel select Programs, then go to that category. After that choose those programs which you want to Un-install, choose only those which you dont access regularly or never. Keep your hard disk space free by deleting this program and will increase your hard disk space & speed.

5 Difragment Disk:  Somtimes Files imbalance our computer (disorder) which seems to be the wrong way to save or store data in your system. These files are put together in order to take DeFragmentation leaps and hard disk space increases.

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6 Check your RAM speed of your computer, even after all this is not speed up, check your system’s RAM. To check RAM in the computer system, go to Properties. When you run an application which is working very slow, and then your computer may have faulty RAM or Less RAM. You need to increase RAM Size. To do so, get New RAM to go market once before check of your computer configuration or computer engineers tied to your system information and assist the shopkeeper quietly take the same and compatible RAM.

So try these tips and Boost your PC for better performance & speed.