Another Indian Technology Geek Got his success in the U.S. and He is Sundar Pichai, has been named as the new chief of Google Android. He graduated from IIT Kanpur and actions taken by the Internet service provider company acquired a great influence. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO Larry Page announced the selection of the apps in the Chrome and Android now leading to beautiful addition to existing work. Pichai related to the announcement page of the blog.

The best example of this is Google Chrome.

indian origin sundar pichoi google android headIn 2008, people said the world needs now is a new browser. Pichai said the Chrome invented. Millions of users all over the world are happy to Chrome today. High Speed ​​and security are all enjoying the Internet easily. Pichai Rbin will replace Andy. Google’s Android version is considered an important contribution to the success of Rbin. Pichai In 2004 he started working with Google. Different applications, such as Google’s Gmail and Google Maps He also saw work.

In 1993, he studied engineering at IIT Kanpur was fulfilled. The Master in Material Science from Standford University and an MBA degree from the Wharton Business School….