In Indian store the latest Sony handset, the Xperia Z2 has been spotted. This phone has been seen at the ebay Indian store. This phone is imported by an international seller from Houston, United State. Sony has started taking pre-orders of this new Sony handset in German and UK at a price of Euro 599 and GBP 599 respectively.

A 20.7 MP camera and a 4K camcorder, blender in a Smartphone

The Xperia Z2 combines with a large 20.7 MP and 4K video capture. This unique combination means this new model has the same performance and quality as a real compact digital camera. The Xperia Z2 deliver images with a superior clarity, brightness, and sharpness.

Sony Gadgets Xperia Z2
Sony Gadgets Xperia Z2

The sound of this new handset is loud and clear. With audio technologies of Sony, you ensure to experience the best sound.

It arrives with Live Color LED, a new technology incorporated into new Smartphone displays, for increased color gradation and depth. And the IPS gives an accurate color and excellent viewing angle. The 5.2” Full HD Display for handset with X-Reality for amazingly sharp pictures free of jagged edges. You get pictures that are incredibly bright and razor sharp with a pixel density of 423 pixels per inch.

The Xperia Z2 comes with a stunning one-piece, aluminium frame with glass panels that reveal the glob around you. The 5.2” display mobile provides a great feel when held in your hand. The handset comes in different colors.

Dust resistant and Waterproof

The new model is both resistant to the tiniest dust particles and waterproof.


Fast performance

This phone has highly effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The processor of it is 75% faster than the S4 Pro and provides you maximum speed and power with excellent battery time. You can surf the web with less loading time, run multiple applications simultaneously and great flow of videos without a break. The asynchronous processor ensures that each core is operated separately. So you can get the greatest amount of power when you require it, without totally wasting power.

Simple and Seamless

Have you ever wasted time setting up connections between many gadgets at home? But now a day, Near Field Communication (NFC) provides you an easy and quick method to wirelessly connect all your gadgets with just one touch. See videos or photos from your Xperia Z2 on your LED or Plasma and you can play music via a wireless speaker. No fiddling with buttons, cables or settings.