A search engine ranking of a webpage or web site coming how many number this is depend of ranking factor.And since Google is currently the most popular search engines, so today i discuss about google ranking factor.

Site speed: Now a days google officially priority on website speed.But many people know this factor but they are not priority  this factor.but this is very important for google search engine. If you use many unusual picture, widget and many other varieties media that time your website will very slow and always remember if your site is very fast in mobile that time your site get many facilities from google ranking.


Out going link: Currently many webmaster give advise about out going link. This is very effective for a website.This is not only for search engine, this is very important for many others.

Google plus: when google plus start their journey that time google announce google plus vote is very important factor for google plus.

Branding: Several years “branding” Google is one of the world ranking factor considered. It should make sure that you include your name and website links from people that know more. The more much your name and website links to other sites that will be used for better Google ranking.

Advertising: This means that it takes up too much advertising on a site with a light and it can reduce the site’s Google ranking. So, try not to have too many ads for your site.

Pages age (not domain age): Many time google look your website article age or look your article date. If your content is very old that you can’t get enough visitor.

Source : http://www.seobook.asia