A few days ago we talked about what to look at when buying a new mobile. Then you have lots of people wanted to know if a prior decision that” what new phone now. Which means the phone is not just a brand. If you are buying smart phones before you are four Options – BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows and Android. Indeed, these companies are not the only difference. This is the difference of platforms, these phones running the software . The software is called life. What will come of this is the phone for you and how easy it would be difficult to use.

If you ask an online BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows and Android Phones Which is the best – so it is extremely difficult to answer. Everybody has their own strengths and drawbacks. And the great thing is that everyone’s needs and taste different – is different. The first of this week ‘s BlackBerry . We show you which ones you should buy Blackberry BlackBerry instead of who we should look at other phones . If you are interested in Mobile phones and gadgets related news Blackberry joined the company last days all the bad news you ‘ll read .phones have turned into a deluge . You will have heard many such things .

Despite this, there is no shortage of people who are in showrooms to buy new mobile phones Blackberry Looking at each other, not the exception. After all, some of the most important person in the mobile world, the U.S. President Barack Obama today rely on BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry ‘s messaging service ‘BBM’ of the popularity of that you can put this thing in October last year, the company made ​​it available for download on iPhone and Android, so the entire forty million people have downloaded it .

That call gave the world a taste of Push Mail. Its QWERTY keypad, the people were so crazy that America was being told in Crackberry BlackBerry a time. Crackberry is a kind of intoxicating cocaine addiction after which people can not live without it. How did you know the name of the BlackBerry? Named Blackberry seeing the fruit of the same name. In fact, in 1999, bringing to the market the phone company ( Research In Motion was then named ) observed that the phone keypad, blackberry fruit resembles flakes.

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