Samsung smartphones in the world is not the answer. Just yesterday had a record of the last year selling smartphones is the Samsung. He also left behind Apple. After the success of Samsung S-3 and increased morale. Given that it’s a great smartphone to launch 4.

Its biggest USP will be displayed, which will come in five-inch Full HD. Speaking of style, when it comes to operating system, processor, or the camera’s point, when it comes to music, Samsung has to satisfy users everywhere. That is why most smartphones that are sold in the market today.  People’s obsession with the idea of ​​her sets can be gauged from the fact that even before its launch at the start, no matter what the price is. Now take this new set of S-4. Market is still time for its launch, but the people have seen the obsession.

Samsung s4 Os
Samsung s4 Os

Operating system
Samsung has used all of Android. It’s 4 in the Use of Android Jelly Bean, which is the latest. This causes many additional features are ready for the Use of users to be fun.


After the success of S-3, S-4 of Samsung Full HD screen has made. Use the 5-inch full HD screen smartphone would be tremendous. Resolution 1080 * 1920 is even more amazing.

Kward core ARM Cortex A-15 2 Gega 5440 Hz is better for the processor speed of the phone. Prformesh This phone would be fantastic. Due to the tremendous processors can also be set to hit the market.

1 GB of RAM is usually fitted in smartphones, but this set has 2 GB of RAM, which is very high. No matter how heavy you run the software, it will make no difference to the set speed.


If you are buying smartphone users in mind, of course, is the quality of the camera. The Samsung S-4 has taken care of the matter. It has 13 megapixel camera. It is truly spectacular.

Estimated launch
However, this phone is just waiting.