Tweetbits v1.3 Out!

It has promised for a few weeks now that we would be bringing a few changes to Tweetbits in version 1.3. This past Friday version 1.3 went live for everyone to enjoy and use. PRO users will notice a lot of changes, as It added many new functions to simplify and help organizing Favorite tweets that are imported from Twitter. It will outline a few of those below.

Import & Organize Friends?

PRO users gain an extra whole entire section of features geared towards Importing and Organizing Twitter Friends. That’s right, you heard us. You can now import 100 most recent friends and any new friends into Tweetbits, view their profile, send a quick MSG through Twitter and also save their email address for later resource. The function is pretty much the same and easy, allowing you to create categories for all of your contacts and keeping them safe. Next time you wan’t to contact someone quick, just use Tweetbits to find them. No more going through bunch of lists or trying to think of names you can search in Twitter for their profile.
Drag and Drop Tweets
Everything very easily accessible and neatly organized into categories. It’s one amazing feature that we are very proud of to be able to offer to you. All this and more is offered in our PRO plan.
Create and Manage Categories
If you haven’t upgraded to PRO plan yet, you are really missing out on the advantages that set things apart from the Free plan.

NEW Features:

Here are some of the features that we’re added for PRO users;

  • new style and cleaner display of favorite tweets
  • delete forever tweets (from both Tweetbits and Twitter)
  • import 100 of most recent friends from Twitter into Tweetbits
  • organize and categorize friends into custom categories
  • update and save their email address for quick reference
  • quick link to preview their Twitter profile on mobile or desktop
  • send a one time message to contact through our Tweetbit MSG.

Tweetbits support for international languages