Rose does not open your eyes in the morning, at the sounding of the alarm or the alarm keeps ringing, you do not miss the bed. Soon you are being offered a new clock, alarm which you will be forced to leave the bed.) will also. The alarm clock as well as the current kill Snug press. The clock was called ‘Sing and Shock “is placed.


The USP of this watch is that the person will feel the blow of a volt, it suppresses the Snug button. But these are minor and will blow it Harmlas will blow forced to leave her bed. The clock has been coated with a layer of Aluminim Snug button above and power flows in this layer. Voltage of the electric shock was a shock, but the consumer by setting her down and multiply volts could. Despite the Volt will not be set high enough to damage a person physically.

Alarm Clock with Current
Alarm Clock with Current

Optional electric shock is placed at the clock. If you can disable shock. Watch a music player by using which you can listen to the song as the morning alarm. Resolution are in talks with several companies for its production. They hope that soon the clock will begin production. Its price is expected to be $ 60. By the end of this year, the market expects the clock.