If you are like Techairways, then you love to keep up with how many visitors land on your site. But, if you are like me, you also often forget to login to a separate Google Analytics account to really keep up with it as often as you probably should. Well, with today’s big update to our popular Google Analytics + plugin, that’s no longer a problem!

In-dashboard Stats
Now with one click, you can connect up your Google account with your WordPress site, add the tracking code, and display beautiful charts and graphs right in your dashboard.

Multisite Goodness
The plugin works great for regular WordPress, but if you run a Multisite network, then there is a TON here for you.

Screenshot of traffic graph from the WordPress desktop
For example:
  • Use ONE network code to provide individual stats on all sites on the network!
  • Allow each site’s owner to add their own tracking code on top of the network code
  • See network-wide stats in your Super Admin dashboard
  • Integrate with our Pro Sites plugin to make it a paid only feature

True story: A few years ago I asked our expert WordPress developers if this whole use one network code to display individual site stats on a Multisite network was even possible. They told me no, that Google Analytics wouldn’t allow it. But then recently we looked into it again and figured out a way. I for one am personally stoked! Read more about what’s new with Goolge Analytics + here. And WPMU DEV members, be sure to grab your copy now. See ya!