Several major multinational and domestic handset makers in the Indian market these days to become a leader in the smartphone race, selling phones on monthly installments. Apple, Samsung, etc. equated monthly installments ranging from Micromax and carbon are selling their smartphone on (EMI).  Moreover, companies are also marketing EMI schemes vigorously. Indeed, increasing its penetration in the Indian market and to gain more and more market share, companies have now resorted to EMI.

Apple has monthly installments beginning of the war. Your expensive smartphone from the company at the beginning of 2013, the trend has started to deliver on EMI. For companies with multiple banks without interest and processing fee agreement under which customers are provided with 6 or 12 EMI smartphone. Most companies are offering this service to credit card holders.


On the other hand, customers also want to take these handsets. The down payment of Rs 5000-8000 if customers pay the monthly installments if they get the chance to purchase a handset.  Analysts pointed out that the biggest advantage of this scheme is yet Apple seems to get. The company EMI after the launch of Apple’s smartphone sales grew by 50 per cent. However, when the other major companies such as Samsung and Apple sales grew its impact on sales.

So, now all the companies in the market through its EMI scheme is to attract customers. EMI scheme is also available in the Indian market. However, this time the beneficiary companies is EMI schemes.

Enhanced Sales – EMI after the launch of Apple’s smartphone sales grew by 50 per cent

Effect – When the other giant companies such as Apple’s sales grew Samsung, Nokia had an impact on sales, etc.