Ever wonder if you could actually dig all the way to China? No? Well, perchance you’ve got some general curiosity about what types of crazy-cool Lists your fellow Stumblers are creating? Obviously, right? Well, today’s your lucky day, because the brand-spanking new StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad has tons of fun List features to play with. And, as if this isn’t already the best thing you’ve read all week, we’ve also added a slick new hidden Slide feature that reveals cool information about each Stumble!

Jump over to the App Store to download it today! The new StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad is exactly what the boredom doctor ordered.

Explore a New Way to Stumble with Lists

Creating Lists is a great way to keep all your Stumbles organized, but half the fun is following all the cool Lists that have been created by other Stumblers. We’ve made it easier for you to discover Lists to follow by adding Epic Lists to your home screen. From here you can explore everything from Lists You’ll Love for Lists recommended just for you, to This Just In for the most recently-created Lists, to Super Popular for Lists that are trending all across StumbleUpon. You can also easily access Lists you’ve created or are already following.

Easily jump into different categories of Lists directly from your home screen.
More Stumble Secrets Revealed!

We know that you sometimes get curious about why you’re seeing a certain Stumble, so we’ve also added more information to the Slide feature. While a Stumble loads, now you can pull down on the Slide to get more info about each page. Maybe you’re seeing a page because an expert from that Interest also likes it, or because Stumblers who are similar to you like it — whatever the reason, now it’s easier to add a little context to your Stumble sessions. You can also see what Interest that page falls under, what website it comes from, and how many Stumblers have Liked it.

Get fun facts about each Stumble with our new pull down Slide feature.
Thanks for reading all the way to the end. As your reward for being such an awesome Stumbler (and reader), we’d like to give you a totally amazing new app to play with. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the updated StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad today. See you in Stumbleland!