Growing use of the Internet via the mobile in the country as well as extending the scope of mobile banking. Bank and without any instrument the home through mobile banking facility made it increasingly popular, some risks are also associated with the Vantage, which can be a bit cautious and can be avoided by taking some precautions is. Talk of such other precautions you should take when mobile banking.

Auto lock activated
See the first of its mobile banking activated auto lock your phone is working or not. If it has not been activated mobile in the first turn on auto-lock, so that the phone will be automatically locked when not in Use. Choose a password lock to open, which is not possible if Crack. For 8 or more characters in the password characters (characters), Numerikals (pts) Use of special characters that can generate strong passwords.


Keep confidential information confidential
Text message with no major or confidential information such as banking account numbers, passwords, Pan card and birth date, etc. Do not disclosed. Hackers use this information to hack into the bank account can. Mobile banking is also necessary to prevent fraud and protect the security software to your mobile.

Download careful!
A new mobile application, games, movies, music or video downloading, etc. Keep in mind that where you are downloading from the site is trustworthy. Often times these files through your phone becomes a victim of hacking or viruses can be sent. Also delete the message from the mobile chains.


Avoid placing on Bluetooth
Protect your smartphone from viruses is essential to keep it if you do not use the Bluetooth switch off. Bluetooth is on hackers from accessing your mobile can get the chance. To protect mobile hacking and virus software constantly updated to keep Fayrbal and safety. Mobile phone or some software companies that make them from time to time provide updated live version, the installation should continue.

It also requires a habit
Daily to protect your mobile transaction Delete Browsing History is good to keep up the habit. It used to be safe enough for you.