There may be many in the world who would not know about mark zuckerberg, the World’s largest social networking site, Facebook founder Mark. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s 29th birthday today. Facebook founder was born on May 14, 1984.

Connected to Facebook before the fact that when was fired from Harvard University. University administration told that mark zuckerberg that day had no idea that one day will become the youngest billionaire. Mark zuckerberg people who become the youngest billionaire in the 14th number.

Facebook Enters 10th
Facebook Enters 10th

Perhaps less known is that Facebook Founder is suffering from color blindness. That is why he chose blue for Facebook, which are comfortable seeing them. The aim was to explore the campus Facemash the most attractive person.

Facemash was not initially successful, but when he launched the site Publicly the name of the new position made it a success, which are already visible today. Mark zuckerberg wedding photos posted by a mere 1.31 million people within 30 minutes had liked. Mark your girlfriend Priscilla Chan of Chinese origin’s family had learned to speak Chinese in 2010.

In 2011, he said that he comes to those poeple who eat meat of animals they kill with their hands.