Even today in the company’s clout , but we tell you which ones BlackBerry still be the favorite mobile phones and see what other people want to avoid it.

BlackBerry Now of course if :

1. If you are fond of using the phone with one hand

If you are used to using a hand phone then Blackberry can not be more convenient than anything else . The shape , size , button, everything that once you get used to it after the second phone will be useless in this case . In this case no one ever touch screen Blackberry phones can not match . Well , driving is dangerous and illegal to use a cell phone . But even if forced to do so from a single BlackBerry handheld will do everything that you need to.

10 दिसंबर 2013 को मंडेला मेमोरियल के मौके पर अमेरिकी राष्‍ट्रपति बराक ओबामा अपने ब्‍लैकबेरी जेड-10 से सेल्‍फी लेते हुए.

2 . If you have QWERTY keypad addiction

Whatever anyone says , the truth is that typing on the QWERTY keypad , touch screen is extremely easy over the phone . If you’re used too fast can type without looking at the keypad . Virtual touch screen phone keypad is very difficult . Blackberry holds the world in terms of the keypad does not respond . Many companies copied. BlackBerry QWERTY keypad is also in today ‘s mystique . Be fond of writing text on the phone all day and night long: make a habit of Blackberry .

3 . If you Email , Text Messaging live on

Blackberry for email was born . In 1999 , the first model was launched Blackberry email pager device that actually was . Today, in the case of push mail and messaging are all the other players take on the Blackberry . But the thing is , they are not in the BlackBerry . Do not believe me just tell you one thing , you will agree. 9/11 attacks in New York phones when the network stopped working when the BlackBerry Messaging service works .

4 . If you trust and security is a top priority

Obama , after all , simply do not use the BlackBerry . Well then put them in the White House is a particular server . But the president also millions of U.S. government uses a BlackBerry phone . Before sending data from the BlackBerry encryption , ie such that the coding is almost impossible to hack . So you may have heard that all security ऐjensian It keeps constantly seeking to provide the facility of BlackBerry encryption decode them . So if your work is extremely important that you keep confidential the information that can be relied on Blackberry .

5 . If you are serious , working professionals who want to look

Mobile phones are a part of your Prsenaliti seeing people about your image and make your call . Despite falling prices , Blackberry is still working and serious business people prefer to look better than nothing . If you are worried about this, like you do not see your driver’s phone , Buy Blackberry .

Why you Dont need to buy Blackberry :

1. BlackBerry services bill treats waste

After purchasing a Blackberry phone shows all the people that use the BlackBerry Srvisj than the phone has to be planned separately . It may seem useless because you spend another such facility is reachable by phone for free or at very low cost . BBM Blackberry phone it was the most beautiful thing which is now available for free on other phones .

2 . If you are crazy world of Apps

If you like – kind of fun apps and games to download for Android and iPhone fond of the Blackberry handheld filled with fond eyes will see . BlackBerry Apps, which have lagged far behind . So if you too fancy things like Temple Run and Angry Bird Do not Buy the Blackberry.

3 . If you phone video , is very fond of photos

In the case of video from the camera to the new Blackberry phones is much better now . But the truth is that large and bright touch screen phones than the BlackBerry is still behind in this case . Flash Player is not on BlackBerry phones which run multimedia content is used in many ways . So if you are on the phone, photos , video and want to enjoy a lot of Youtube Blackberry is probably not for you .

4 . If you write more , read

The screen will be bigger and better , the easier it is to read and find something on the Internet . Blackberry is easy to write on , but again and again it is difficult for me to read the Scroll Down . Especially if you have a long article , or want to read eBooks on the BlackBerry will not be fun .

5 . Push Mail is a must if you

Email Push Mail means that you are immediately in front of Czech could find no way of SMS . Push Mail is now present in every cell , but that’s the real power of BlackBerry . Blackberry is not a good day running of the company and in terms of software it is somewhat lagging behind . The company big splash – BlackBerry 10 launch was held in the new software . But the company ‘s own expectations as he has realized that he had launched BB10 software that was not as successful . So if you have not used before the other Blackberry phones come running to see .

Now which model You Want to buy?

BlackBerry Curve 9220 ( approx Rs. 8600). BlackBerry Q5 ( approx Rs. 20,000), BlackBerry Q10 ( approx Rs. 36,000). All three models are keyboard . From my understanding , if you buy the phone without a keyboard, a touch screen , so there is no point buying the Blackberry .