Facebook mobile phone market over the past few days seem to have been a lull in speculation. Facebook CEO Mark Zukrberg introduced customized application on Facebook Home at the headquarters of the US-based phone. From April 12 The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The purpose of presenting this special App Zukrberg Facebook users surfing experiences related to the ‘Next Level’ to deliver. Zukrberg, on the stage at the end of the program conducted late Thursday night, the head of HTC mobile company AT & T CEO Ralph Peter Chao and handed over to the show. Both introduced a new smart phone, the Facebook software already loaded. Its price would be $ 99.9. Facebook also claimed that within a month ‘Home’ will be updated with new features.


What is Home?

Home to a large number of new Android software which users ‘modify’ allows to. Newsfeed your Facebook messages with new software and display on the home screen allowing ऐpp while others will not see such times. This app on Android phones ‘Facebook’ phone will change. Taiwan-based HTC Corp. is making this phone is called the HTC first. This phone would cater especially for people who are extremely interested in social networking.

Cover feed

The phone will be turned on to the application, after which users will be able to see your News Feed. This feature, in addition to the home screen, the screen will lock in case of. The cover features the name of the feed is placed. ‘Home’, users of traditional wallpaper or lock screen instead of ‘Facebook cover’ feed ‘will have to be already in the phone. Moving pictures on the cover feed ‘ticker – tape’ Facebook status updates and ad networks will appear.


Heads Chat

The small profile picture of friends on the incoming message pop-up will appear on the home screen. This feature is added to Facebook or SMS, the message will be sent by any means.