He is Well Knows in the world now, Yes we are talking about North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong Punishments are horrible then ISIS, So today we will learn about top 5 Stories of Kim & his dictatorship.


1. North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un in his country have caused such dictatorship that now people are afraid to sleep. If someone accidentally blinks in front of The dictator he or she will be sleep to death. There was an incident when his defense secretary was sentenced to death by firing gunshots just because he feels asleep on the work.

2. The Death of the political opponents in any dictatorship country are not a new phenomenon, but as his uncle, Zhang Song Thayak was killed on 12th December, the way Kim Jong killed him with crossing all limits of brutality and animalism. It was published in the report of Hong Kong-based Chinese-language newspaper, Wen Wei Po, “about the assassination of Thayak. According to the News paper, Thayak was put laying bare in the cage, which was occupied by 120 hounds (Dogs) & killed to death.

3. Just like Uncle Jang Song, Kim Jong killed his uncle wife and their aunt in the same way. Jang Song Thayak aunt had raised huge concern about the death of her husband, And on that instance, Kim said if she will oppose the dictator decision then he will not tolerate it. After this he also her gave orders to kill his aunt. Kim poisoned his aunt to death but in North Korea it was rumored that his aunt’s death was due to the heart attack.


4. After the death of Jang Song Thayak, Kim ordered to burn alive o; Sang Hone & family, O’Sang Hone was deputy officer of Zhang & he was sympathizing about Thayak & his family. Kim actually asked to give the painful death to their whole family because he had to follow the orders given to Zhang.

5. In December 2011 Kim Jong-Un reportedly killed deputy minister of the military with the mortar because he had consumed alcohol during the period of official mourning. Indeed, after the death of Kim Jong IL, North Korea went into national mourning as declared by Kim & deputy minister of the military was forced to be killed as punishment.