Computers and laptops are not clean, not only technically but also its external surface is poor may reveal too many disturbances. If you want longevity of your laptop or computer from time to time it clean – cleaning is necessary to focus on. Here are some tips related to cleaning laptops we’re telling you.


– Do not ever try to clean the computer when its ON.
– Before cleaning the wear rubber gloves and a rubber mat to keep their feet below to avoid electric shock.
– PC gets heat from the dust, to clean the dust use the cotton cloth.
– Keep in mind that cloth  is not engaged in oil or water.
– Blower or soft brush should be used for cleaning interiors.
– For cleaning the mouse to rub it over a clean paper. This will remove dirt accumulated at the bottom of the mouse and it will work smoothly.
– From time to time continue to update the application to be used in the PC.