BBC News: Dharuv Manohar an ‘Internet Freak’ tells about Internet, At the Age of 12 years, since He is connected to the world of gadgets and the internet, like Desktop, Laptop, Galaxy Note, Mobile … All these things connect to the Internet proves to be too low to satisfy his curiosity. He Uses Internet for their homework or that is so, But also He have great love of social networking websites. There was in his parents constantly worried of the fact that their children do not become a victim of the Internet from a disputed activities.

Dhruv’s mother, Yamini Manohar tell their children not yet encountered a problem on the Internet, but a Wakye had alerted him. Yamini told the BBC, “once a second child, my son logged on to Facebook using the phone, but he forgot to logout. By taking advantage of it a naughty boy writing on his Facebook page that the girl he loves. Many have commented on the pages of my child, which embarrasses her. ” After the story Yamini to apologize to the girl about whom his son had been writing on the Facebook page.

The children are sensitive

Now social networking has become an integral part of the lives of children. But Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular websites such as what is right and wrong, the child can not decide. what happened to Yamini and with the son in terms of Internet is called “cyber Bullying”.

So Bullying cyber offensive things about writing on the Internet, to embarrass them, to be intimidated or be lightly disturbed. Dhruv says with a laugh, i have “my 222 Facebook ‘friends’. I’d chat with them, share pictures and I’ll share my thoughts. When I am away from the internet, I have very itchy thinking that a new message on Facebook so far has not. So what am I periodically check my Facebook page. ”

According to Microsoft, more than 50 per cent of Indian children on the Internet and in most cases they are a victim of cyber Buling does not know how to face it. The result is depression, loneliness, or in extreme cases suicide. According to a study by Telinor 2012, 4 million children in India were active on the Internet Tiguna in 2017 and this figure will be 13 million. 9 million in the next four years as the mean pole and the child will connect to the Internet.


Time Bomb?

The question that arises is how Indian law to protect them from cyber Buling enabled? Cyber ​​Crime in India then have a discussion, but to protect children from cyber Buling are less discussed. Cyber ​​expert Pawan Duggal, cyber Buling like to believe that India is serious to ignore. He says, “Today’s cyber security to children in the context of the law is completely crippled. Children’s safety is not the purpose of the law, nor any specific provision in this regard. I think India’s information technology law needs to be revised immediately. Cyber ​​Security for children under 18 years require specific provisions. “

As in many countries to protect children from cyber Buling helpline system, but there is no arrangement in India too. Pawan Duggal says that India is going to ignore a problem soon ‘time bomb’ that can be ripped off. He believes that if India’s high speed internet with the safety standards had not, so he can defeat cyber Buling Race.