Any type of information on the Internet is the best way of securing your account password secure. Internet on the day – by – day are activated or Cyber ​​Criminal hackers can not attack you for your password, as well as your safety net works. Your mail ID or bank account or ATM PIN, your password should always be unique. Many people individually account when selecting a password, do not mind a few important things, which is used incorrectly.Try to break the password of your account. By keeping a few tips in mind to talk like that you can generate secure passwords.

Password Security
Password Security

Different passwords
Any other account passwords must be different from your account password. The password should not be any two accounts. Password always alpha – numeric characters should be. It is unlikely Hanking your password. You can avoid any trouble occurring in the future.

Skip long
Keep in mind that passwords alpha – numeric character strength as well as long. The password must be at least 8 characters limit.Your password must be different than the rooms.


Not Username Password
Many people look for the password when you set the password using the user name, which is absolutely wrong. Password, your name, company name or any popular word should not be used. Special characters in reverse format by typing a word and add password protected and can be generated. For example, the password is more secure than hell0u2 @ @ 2u0lleh.

Change Password
Should change the password on a fixed time interval. Use any one should avoid long password. Also, try to remember your password, the password should avoid writing any place where you may interfere with the others too.

Do not phone or mobile number in the password
Your password or someone close to you should not phone or mobile number. Some people use their mobile number as the password, it should not. Also note also that your date of birth should not Use the password.