Today, the Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Some may find the Internet, if you need to entertain the Internet to chat with friends while sitting near one or the internet. You also might have spent hours on the internet at the time, but rarely has this question in your mind that the Internet would be like a minute.  One minute on the internet – what happens. Processor maker Intel recently unveiled this aspect of the Internet is. Intel said that every day on the internet in a minute – what happens.

Internet 60 Seconds – What Happens in One Minute on Internet 🙂


Data and e-mail

Internet has become a way of life in a minute is 6,39,800 GB Data Transfer. With 60 seconds to 20 million to 40 million e-mail people – send each other.

Photo – Video

Photo 2 million are seen on the net in a minute, through 3 thousand different users are uploading photos. 13 million U – tube watch video and 30 hours of video are uploaded.

Net on Mobile

Growing Use of smartphones among 47 thousand mobile application download in minutes are taken and the same time, 1300 new mobile users connect to the Internet.

Social Networking

Intel said that more than 320 new Twitter account in a minute and 1 million Tvits are formed. Two lakh 77 thousand people connected their Facebook account, and are seen by 60 million Facebook.

Search and Info

This the minute information on Google search are more than 20 million and 6 new articles are uploaded to Wikipedia.

Internet Crime

Within a minute of the Internet in the world of cyber crime victims are 80 and 20 are new users, stealing personal information.