The color of India’s diplomatic efforts has started to appear on the Dokmal controversy with China. China appears to be falling in the international community on this issue. After the US, Japan has also supported India on the Dokmal controversy. Japan has said that the solution to the dispute between the two countries should be through dialogue. The support of two super powers China has erupted amidst the atmosphere created in India’s favor internationally.

India China
India China

On the other hand, China is constantly asking India to recapture its army, while India is not ready to retreat. Given the Indian stand, Chinese government media is constantly threatening war. Now the biggest question is, if there is a war between India and China in today’s situation, then with whom will the world’s super powers co-operate? Let’s understand.

Which countries are with India?

Japan – The impact of friendship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has also shown here. Japan has cooperated with India openly. Japan’s Ambassador Kanji Hiramatsu said in a conversation with News Channel, “The quarrels are continuing in the last two months with Dokalam. We believe that this can affect the stability of the entire area, so we are closely watching this. ” With this, he said, there is a dispute between this region between China and Bhutan.

America – is currently India’s strongest friend. The US has consistently monitored the case. A statement from the US has also come that India is our best friend, China and India should resolve this issue with talks. Prior to this, former US Ambassador Richard Verma and MP from Illinois, Illinois, Raja Krishnamurthy have said that China is responsible for the Dochelam dispute. Let’s tell you that Donald Trump’s stance is straining on China, because China is always taking a soft approach to North Korea, which sticks to its nose.

Australia – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop recently came to India on a tour. He had clearly stated here that China should exercise restraint on the Docmal controversy and talk to India. Apart from this, Australia has also issued a warning to China’s handling about the South China Sea. Australia had opposed China’s military values on this issue.

European countries can also come together – Some powerful European countries like France, Germany and Britain can also come with India on China’s issue. All these countries have a good relationship with these countries, while on many issues these countries have supported India.