Indian Girl Invented 20 Second Mobile Charger Device

She is Isha, At just 18 years of age and studying in XII. But sir, there are exploits that Google, a company like Intel has even acknowledging them. She has made this charger will charge your mobile in just 20 seconds. The world’s biggest mobile companies are facing the Battery problem and its backup while the solution found by the Indian babe. Isha won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award by inventing small device that can charge battery in 20 Sec. And She was given $ 50,000 (about Rs 2.7 million) prize money.



Isha Khare 18-year-old student of Indian origin living in California. The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix last week, She demonstrated her invention of the device. Despite being so small in size that the device can charge your mobile in just 20 seconds.

This revolutionary device is still in its initial phase. Judy is a SuperCapacitor Limited Daiod Light (LED) lights to charge. This technique is carried forward in the right direction so that future mobile charger can work.



Isha is Science Student and working on her new invented device and shortening time for the batteries charge time. Foldable display device due to its flexible nature, fabric, fabric can be used in such things.

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