Meet ths Indian Fastest Growing Startup in Professional Studies and Training Academy. I met him in 2009 back in Automobile Industry and Then we worked together in same Group for years. But later on He was fond of his own creations and his training academy plans. Which he is able to execute and performing so well with better results. Engaging lots of customers and users. HE have made his life’s 360 degree turn. He lauched his Own Start-up in 2012 and today he is running it successfully in the Industrial market of India. We recently had an Interview with Mr. Arun Sharma Founder & CEO STEPS Management Services Pvt. Ltd. He told that “Have u ever wondered what our company does, let me share a little bit, may be at some point or even now, we can be of certain help. In close to Last 3 years – STEPS Group Various Initiative & venture track record given :-



1.) STEPS Academy – for various technical & behavior workshop, a skill development initiative. With more than 250 workshop, we have touched & trained 5000 no’s life.

2.) STEPS Certifications – for ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, etc. certification consultancy for corporates. More than 20 success stories.

3.) STEPS Lean – Implementation consultancy for Lean Manufacturing, TQM , 5S, kaizen, Six Sigma, TPM, etc. 5 Projects under execution.

4.) STEPS WE – A Women Empowerment network for promoting self reliance & entrepreneurship among women. 1 no’s project delivered successfully.

5.) STEPS Foundation – focusing on initiative in CSR, Quality Concepts Promotion, Awards, etc. – have tied up & 3 times organized Old clothes collection drive with Goonj like NGO.


1.) STEPS SEE ( Safety, Environment & Energy) – A division focussing on energy audits, safety & environment related implementation services.

2.) STEPS Active Parenting – A division focussing on training parents on ‘Conscious Parenting’ to make them effective in dealing with their children behaviour.

We have made a substantial progress in all these years with the support of our family, friends like you (little flattering but somewhat true) , dedicated team & esteemed clients.

We are now looking for PAN India Expansion.

For success, u know NETWORKING is the key & we being small & creative, don’t have BiG marketing Budgets !!!! Why Worry, when we have our clients & friends as our Brand Ambassador (hey na).  Thus, We will be highly thankful to you if in above related area — you can CONNECT & RECOMMEND us either Trainers, Consultant, Businessman, Clients, potential employee … or people with similar interest.

We also welcome your feedback & ideas. How we can make STEPS a more meaningful organization. Just RING us or e-mail :, Website – No tall claims, our work should speak. Thanks for all your help & support always.