Do you or your friends ever accidentally deleted phone data is not wanting it? If so, then this great news is for you. We’re telling you a little careful when you delete the data easily re – can store. Data to re – store on Google Play Re – Cycle Bin named Android application that can help you. This app lets you retrieve your deleted folder or can the matter.

Many times you or a friend is accidentally deleted data from the phone. It can be anything your important files or photos. Getting back to the matter at first it was difficult, but now Android users can easily delete the data.


Re – Cycle Bin application from the Android user can install Google Play. After you install it in your smartphone or tablet computers like the re – Rental bin will become. Now delete any file from your phone are then re – cycle will go in the bin.

This application lets you audio, video, photos, PDF files and delete any other files that can be achieved again. Re – Cycle bin file was re – store it goes to the same location, which was deleted.

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