Since the launch of Levels, sellers have been able to add Extras and make more from their Gigs. Close to 50% of transactions on Fiverr are for more than $5! However, you can still make more from your Gigs even before you Level up. Wanna know how? Keep reading 🙂

It’s all about strategy!

The key is to think big and then break down your service into smaller jobs. Think of what you are willing to offer for $5 and then build off that in increments of $5. Your $5 Gig should be a basic version of your service. Each level of difficulty is an additional $5. So for example, let’s say that you decide you are willing to draw a black and white portrait (face only) for $5. Building off that, for $10 (2 x $5 orders) you can add color to the facial portrait. For $15 (3 x $5 orders) you’re willing to make a waist up portrait in black and white and so on.

I will make A quick first impressions video review of Mobile application or any of your product for $5

A quick, first-impressions video review of Mobile application or any product. Mobile App Screen Recording – Early Preview. i can make Mobile application Video Review for your mobile apps or for any product review.
i will do Social Media Marketing for Anyone from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ for 5 days. i will only work on 1 Social Media Website from These. Example :
i am an WordPress Web Designer-Developer,SEO Expert, Robot-blogger. we will do it stepwise: Install WordPress Theme Install pluggins Setup Social Profiles Setup Design and layout Contents Layout setup Postings and Testing Final Test and design checkup
Hotels and Places Info and car,hotel booking travel info. All you travelers can rely on us, as we provide our customers Best Guidance Tips. My motive is to deliver Best Guidance Tips to the customer; i serve many different consumer segments from families booking info, travel info to couple arranging a quick weekend getaway.
I will start with WordPress Installation * WordPress/Joomla installation. * WordPress/Joomla plugin/template installation. * WordPress/Joomla/PHP/HTML/CSS customization with SEO Plugins.