Tired downloading files from the internet using the browsers and getting a limited number of simultaneous downloads per instant? Then this article is for you. Now it is possible to download infinite number of downloads at a time. This is now possibly with use of one of the world’s most recognised software known as Internet Download Manager or to many also known as IDM. This software is specially designed to enable the automatic takeover of downloads from the browser to itself.


It enables the resuming of downloads thus one can always pick from where they had left from. According to me this is the best file downloader of our current Age. In this article I will look at the simple way of installing and using this software in one’s day to day use of the internet.

Procedure of Installing and using IDM.

IDM is not a freeware but after downloading one gets to have a 30 day trial of the software after which if they like the program, they can buy registration keys. As for those who are experts at internet scavenging,you can find cracked versions of this program in different software sharing website among them torrent websites such as Kat.ph among others.

  1. Download the software from whichever site but for the latest version you can download from the official website.
  2. After download is finished, install the software by following the simple on screen prompt just like for any other software.
  3. After installing, IDM will automatically incorporate itself into the web browsers one is using.
  4. In some cases the websites might prompt you on whether to allow the installation of IDM’s add on. Make sure to allow these add on in order to make it possible for IDM to auto take over downloads from the browser in use.

An example of usage is by using it to download videos from YouTube.

  1. Go to YouTube and search for your favourite video. Click on it in order to allow streaming of the video. You must have an updated versionof Adobe flash player.
  2. When the video start to play you will notice a small dialog box titled Download this video.
  3. Click on this and in the event of the video appearing in several different formats you will be able to see s small list of the formats.
  4. Select you preferred format and click on it to. A slightly larger dialog box will appear prompting you to Start Downloadamong other options.
  5. The file will hence start downloading. This is just an example because IDM can download so many other formats among them MP3, .RAR, .DOC, .PDF to name but a few.
idm serial full free download
idm serial full free download

All these can be downloaded simultaneously without a limit to the number of simultaneous downloads. There you go you have successfully learned how to download files using IDM. Go ahead and give it a try today. Thanks for reading.

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