System restore is a Windows 7 and Windows 8 feature that enables the creation of points known as restore points that can be used in restoring the Windows system in the event of any system problems. System restore works by restoring the computer to a past condition where all features were working correctly via use of these restore points that can either be manually created by the user or in some cases some programs such as Avast Anti-Virus create their own restore points during installation these too can be used in restoring the system.


In this article I am going to give a step by step procedure of creating such restore points and using them in restoring Windows.

Procedure of creating System Restore points.

  1. Log into Windows system and access the Control Panel.
  2. Change the view to large icons then among the resultant Control Panel items look for Recovery.
  3. Open Recovery by clicking on it. After opening a number of sub-menus will be displayed.
  4. In order to create a System Restore Point click on the Sub-menu titled Configure System Restore.
  5. After this another small window titled System Properties will appear.
  6. The last entry in this window is Create a restore point right now for drives that have system protection turned on.
  7. On the right side of this entry there is a button labelled Create.
  8. This is where new restore points are created. Click on Create to open the Create restore points wizard that will appear as a dialog box titled System Protection.
  9. Creating a system restore point is so simple, simply type the name you desire to give your restore point the time and date will be added automatically.
  10. After typing this, theCreate button will become active, click on it to start creating your restore point.
  11. The whole process will take not more than one minute.
  12. If the process completes completely then a dialog box will appear after the process completes informing you that The restore point was created successfully. That’s it you have successfully created a restore point.

Procedure of restoring the system using system restore.

  1. Follow procedure 1 through to 3.
  2. In order to restore the computer to a restore point saved in the system click on Open System Restore.
  3. Another window titled System Restore will open with highlight marker on a Recommended restore point if you want to restore to it click Next if not then follow procedure 4 below.
  4. If you don’t want to restore to the recommended restore point then select Choose a differentrestore point and click on Next to view other restore points present in the system.
  5. In the next window you will see some more restore points. Highlight the one you want to use then press Next, confirm your choice by clicking on finish.
  6. System restore will begin and your system will restart into the state it was in during the time when you created the restore point.Any problems that might have occurred will thus have been solved.

That’s it as simple as that!! Now you have learnt on how to restore your system. However, there are other instances where the computer does not start despite having created a restore point due to system problems. I will tackle that in another article. Thanks for reading my article.

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