More and more, the impact of social media is felt in many aspects of people’s lives. Living has never involved so much of socializing than that of today. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all tools which we drive the desire to be interconnected. In a short span of time, the whole world has become a network, bringing some truth in the expression “world wide web”. The evolution of the human race as a social species has never been more true than that of today. Here are some areas that social media changed and there’s no telling to what extent shall these aspects incline more to the nature of social networking.

Social Media Impact on Life
Social Media Impact on Life – Pic Credit


Connecting with families, friends and sweethearts, is unlike before anymore. Communication between parties in a relationship takes place in the social media platforms where one feels more free to express themselves. Troubled teens vent out through Facebook statuses and parents talk it over through comment boxes. Calls to say hello and keep up with each other are changed to Tweets and Instagram updates. What’s more surprising is that it is even more preferred by many than the traditional ring over the telephone.


Have you ever heard over the news about the protests in Egypt? Well, some people have called it the “Facebook Revolution”. Political agendas are now even more influential on social media platforms than over a politician on a podium. Electoral campaigns are established on social networking websites and are stronger methods of campaigning than physically reaching out to their voting population. Social media is now an avenue for public criticism of the government. This shows how people have not only acquainted  social media as a means to communicate. Social media has extended its plethora to the political system.

Social Media and Our life
Social Media and Our life


It is just impossible to incorporate how children have reared two decades ago in today’s fast paced, technologically savvy world. The generation gap has never been so wide between the previous generations to the generation of today. Social media has fully changed the environment for children as they grow up. Their playgrounds are no longer under the sun, but under the huge umbrella of social media websites.


You can never see such an abrupt change in the business world before social media came into the picture. The evolution of business strategies has never inclined o one focus area than that of today. A strong and stable presence on a social media platform is now the determining factor for the success of a business campaign. In addition, social media have done the impossible  for businesses which is to gather the most varied, widest range of consumers into one arena. That’s why companies are changing their game play to the beat of social media’s drum.Never has anyone seen businesses go under a strong handler.