1. BlackBerry Z10

    The Z10 is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It doesn’t work like most other smartphones (notice there’s no home button), so it has a fairly steep learning curve for anyone used to iOS or Android. However, it’s also a powerful organizer and has much friendlier feel than previous BlackBerry phones. RIM expects the Z10 to be available on all four of the major U.S. carriers for $199 (with contract).

  2. Backside

    The back of the Z10 is what rim calls “soft touch,” a slightly rubberized material that bestows a firm grip. It’s also removable, letting the user swap out a new SIM, a microSD card or a spare battery.

  3. Right Side: Volume/Mute Buttons

    The volume buttons have slight indentations so you can find them by touch alone, and the middle button controls play/pause or mute (depending on the app).

  4. Left Side

    The left side has ports for microUSB and microHDMI for connecting to an external display.

  5. Top

    Here’s the power/sleep button and the headphone jack, as well as a small microphone port.

  6. Bottom

    The bottom has a slot to ease taking off the back.

  7. Lock Screen

    In lieu of a home button, you can activate the lock screen just by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen. The execution is slick.

  8. App Array

    Like most smartphones today, the Z10 shows apps as an array of icons. When you swipe between screens, the animation has them fade out and overlap each other slightly.