To charge the laptop is very easy , but what is the correct way to charge him , it is less known . Such discrepancies are often the time of charging , the laptop or charge the laptop battery will end up being quite long it takes. Right to charge the laptop a few things in mind.

Charge a Laptop

  1. Do not charge the laptop in a place where much heat or too much moisture. Adapters to charge much warmer place where there is moisture damage and charging takes longer than normal.
  2. Laptop battery takes most of the screen . This laptop is charging soon be over . Lower the brightness of the screen , it will not take more power and less damage to your eyes.
  3. When Bluetooth or WiFi connections , turn off when not needed.
  4. Use the mouse to place the laptop pad relieves the problem of spending too much battery.
  5. Never Do not disconnect power from the laptop in the middle of charging.
  6. While using the laptop must be cold surroundings.
  7. Immediately replace the old battery after a certain time , it will protect your device.