Happy Birthday Facebook. Yes, your beloved on Monday, Facebook has become one of the 9 years. The world’s largest social networking site, as well as many achievements throughout his nine years has your name. Mark zuckerberg introduction of the 4 February 2004, Facebook was a student at Harvard University. Gradually became the site is so popular that today the world’s most popular social networking site Facebook, the crown of the head.


Howard University Hostels Rummets Mark Jukrberg Facebook, Chris Hughes, Andrew McCullum, and Dustin Moscovitj started together. At first it was a social networking site only for Harvard students, other colleges in Boston for students later it started. Facebook has since never looked back and has set a record of success. From time to time make changes to the Facebook social networking site’s team in January 2013 in the search graph “is a unique experiment began. According to a report issued in October 2012 in the world of Facebook a billion (100 million) than active users, including more than half of people use Facebook on mobile do.

Worldwide Facebook is used by most American citizens. Facebook users in the U.S., followed by Brazil and India in the second to third. Congratulations also give you a lot on Facebook birthday.

Mobile companies from 40 countries signed
Facebook in 40 countries, including India, has tied up with mobile service providers. The on-site using mobile charges may be. Desktop is much like the mobile version.

Easy to connect
Connect with people is easy. By creating an account is also quite simple to operate. Anyone can connect directly to thousands. Photo and could reach those thoughts away. Anna, Kejriwal movement after the tragic events of December 16 or the mass of the people in Delhi Grand swamped social site played a major role.

Facebook Enters 10th
Facebook Enters 10th

Of disputes related to
Piracy, be a member of the youngest children, the social issues on hacking allegations. In India, politicians and constitutional positions to curb public uproar was inappropriate photos to share.

Opponents countered strongly
Facebook Google Plus, getting hit straight from sites like Twitter. On the number of users is constantly increasing. U.S., India, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico is the number of Facebook users.