Internet search engine giant Google has launched its first touchscreen laptop. The laptop was used in Google’s Chrome operating system, which Google has made himself the most part. Google’s new laptop processors Intel has been imposed. In addition, the 4 – G connectivity has been using the laptop screen resolution is too high. Google has a lot of these features, touchscreen laptop off the market, in fact, decided to challenge Apple’s laptops. Computer technology experts say that Google, Microsoft and Apple operating systems running on the new Krombuk the machines would face stiff competition.


Google, Apple laptops Retina display is the same as the laptop display. According to Google’s new Krombuk pixel density (239 pixels per inch) than any laptop on the market at the moment the most.

Google’s new challenge

Google says that 43 million pixels in the laptop with the help of text and images appear clear and vibrant. Samsung first launched in June 2011 was the laptop made of chrome technology. After that Acer, Lenovo and HP also launched Chrome touchscreen laptop. According to Blebr, Chrome and Android-based tablet and laptop personal computers among their relevance has struggled too much to install.

The launch last year, Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8 touchscreen features also. Blebr from the phone to the PC, touchscreen technology is now found in every device.