India has become the largest market for tablets. Many domestic companies with foreign companies in the country is the tablet launch. Glut in the market between expensive and cheap tablets are much like those cheap tablet itself. If you are creating a mood to take a tablet of some things that may be helpful. Every thing you should consider some things like that.

HD-mini Kindle Fire
HD-mini Kindle Fire

Do you need a tablet

You are both a laptop and a smartphone, so you can not necessarily buy tablets. Decide tab seeing your needs before buying. Most tablets currently on the market do not have a voice call. This feature is expensive tab. Laptop or tablet computer than is not easy to work on. Its speed is too slow because of low Configuration. Talking about the advantages of using tabs hereby move – on the big screen than smartphones e-mail to the Czech, web browsing, watching movies, listening to music and can enjoy the convenience of playing games.

Operating system

The most important thing is that you are buying the tablet, which contains the operating system. The time to market Apple’s iOS, Google Android and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS exists. Microsoft’s Windows 8 coming soon to the market. Most companies such as Samsung, Asus, HTC, Micromax, Pentel, Reliance, Go Tech, Bistel and Amazon Android operating system has been used in the tablet. Ipad manufactured by Apple iOS and BlackBerry OS Playbook. Android OS-based tablets are available in cheap prices.

best tablets
best tablets

Screen Size

Market ranging from 7 inch to 10-inch screen tablet available. Most tablet screen size is 7 inches. So before buying tab to decide that it would be right for you, how big screen tablet. If you also want to see the movie with surfing the net will be the big screen tablet.


After Disaid of operating systems and screen size to see what brand you have to take tablets. Which company are providing better services at lower prices. Some companies, such as tablet screen guard with extra accessories, casings and bags for free while some companies tend to only give tablets.


Before buying Tablets to know that you are buying the tab over him – who can run the application. Apple’s iOS App Store and Android applications are available on the Google Play Store.

Input and output

Please note that the tablet before buying it – what are the options? Most tablets on the market and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, micro USB slot coming. In addition, USB port, HDMI slot also has options for.



Net connectivity options for tablets is what is important to the Czech. Like to see options for Wi-Fi to connect to the net, Sim – connectivity and support dongle. If your need is such that you may need to net anywhere you choose a model that sim – connectivity or USB port dongle support (data card) are options for.

Battery Life

If you are buying a tablet was how many mAh battery, it is a must see.Also, see that it is not too large touchscreen and tablet Specification not be much faster processor. If that happens, the battery life will be.


What is the weight of the tablet, it is an important thing. Tablets typically weighs 300 grams is between 700 grams. For example Aipad 2 610 grams, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 weighs 595 grams and 400 grams Playbook.


There are many cheap tablet to hit the market are expensive tablets. So it is not necessarily better than cheap is expensive tablets. selection played a role in the price of the tablet does.