Holi is a festival of colors. Holi is often drenched in some people’s mobile water and becomes worse. Phone after getting wet in the water if you take a little care, your mobile will start working again.

Do not switch the phone on

how to safe your mobile if it dip in waterJaved Ali, who works in Delhi mobile repairs wet in the water to show that the mobile switch off and the battery, remove it immediately. After removing the battery from the mobile to the paper towel and place in the sun and clean. If you do not keep the phone in the sun Move mechanic, mechanic will clean your mobile ऐsiton liquid. The liquid is easy to use and it flies like gasoline mobile.

The risk of sparking in the phone

Soak in water to remove the battery of the phone. After you remove the battery to switch on the mobile should not forget. When you turn on the service, get mobile without danger of sparking, which is often called IC worse. If you do not provide phone service may have trouble in the future and in the mobile phone age decreases.