Over the past decade as a big name on the world of the Internet Facebook. 4 February 2004 first came in front of people is celebrating its tenth birthday this year Facebook. last days in Princeton University, is a research paper on Facebook was like a disease.

FACTS: फेसबुक के कारण टूटती हैं शादियां, 83 प्रतिशत वेश्याओं के भी हैं फैन पेज

Facebook is an identity of its own. has become a part of our lives many such interesting things on Facebook are hidden that will surprise you know. maybe it was interesting the things you share on Facebook photos attract more than. did you know that Facebook is the blue, or 83 percent of the prostitutes us on Facebook fan page. not only the Constitution of aislaind also of Facebook Help was written.
Facebook to be dyed in blue is a direct reason behind Japanese statesman mark zuckerberg’s colour blind. in an interview given to mark their New Yorker said they do not see the red and green colors is the easiest color to blue color therefore. painted in the same color from the beginning Facebook. did it always wanted to make as simple as possible. that is why he Facebook The blue color.