Today, a cell phone is one of the most important gadgets that people need. It is very useful in many ways. It can help us connect to people through short message sending or by calling. Most cell phones can also be used to access the internet, emails, and videos. They can even be used to take photographs or play games. The list can go on and on. However, very few people are aware of the possible radiation emitted by cell phones. Cell phone radiation is a widely talked about issue for many health experts. Due to the massive production and usage of cell phones, it is not rare for people to be exposed to cell phone radiation. How can you protect yourself from cell phone radiation?

Cell Phone Radiation

Here are 4 effective tips that can help you protect yourself from cell phone radiation:

  • Use EMF protection accessories.

You can also use EMF protection accessories that help block off cell phone radiations. One example for such accessories would be DefenderShield Cell Phone Radiation Protection Cases. DefenderShield is FCC certified lab-tested. It is portable and very comfortable to use. You can find more information regarding this cell phone accessory on their main website.

  • Utilize airplane mode.

Airplane mode is a feature that most smartphones have – though many people do not know about it much. Activating airplane mode for your phones allows you to use your phone when you are aboard an airplane. When airplane mode is activated (even when you are not aboard an airplane), all wireless transmission from your cell phone are cut off thereby stopping the risk of cell phone radiation exposure. So, if you will not be using your cell phone for a long period of time, it will serve you well to put it on airplane mode. It will even use less energy in the process.

  • Always maintain some distance from your cell phones.

Now, you may say this is absurd, but it will actually help you out pretty good. If you are not expecting any emails, calls, or text messages, you should keep your distance from your phone. Keeping your cell phone next to your body (when not on airplane mode) may cause health issues like breast cancer or lowered motility for men who often keep theirs on or near their belt.

Cell Phone Radiation
Cell Phone Radiation
  • Use loudspeaker as much as possible.

When receiving or making calls which are not too confidential or sensitive for others to hear, you can try going on loudspeaker. This will allow you to keep your distance from your phone. Research shows that whenever you hold your phone near your ear, your salivary glands are exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Excessive exposure to cell phone radiation may result to cancer of the parotid gland. The parotid gland is located near the cheeks.

Cell phone radiation should not be ignored. As much as possible, you must do everything in your power to shield yourself from the harms of EMF.