According to experts, millions of Internet users around the world are affected. Due to the low speed of the internet to millions consumers  got ‘error message’. This new attack that has raised the question of why and how to prevent such attacks? The answer to this question is a little bit that it will not be easy. American security company Claudflayer ‘CEO Matthew Prince, according to cyber attack by Internet network restricted to be used to prevent unwanted spam messages list the Geneva company Spamahaus’ was on, and the whole Internet speed was very slow in the world.

cyber ??attacks have slow internet speedSafety engineers said Tuesday that the unidentified group Spam-house’ that he upset the spam blacklist the issuer’s web site.According to the report by the Raiders in London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong Organization Frankfurt and tried to attack because of the regional Internet traffic is routed from here. Google, Facebook, websites like Yahoo uses the same route. Attacker to completely disrupt the Internet root (jam) failed to do, however, come from cyber attacks slowed the speed of the Internet. According to the report, the London Stock Exchange in London was the target of attackers.

The ‘CyberBunker”says cyber-crime and spam it incorrectly advertised as being heaven. However, the source of the attack is still not known, but experts point ‘CyberBunker’ side only. They suspect that cyber criminals with Eastern Europe ‘CyberBunker’ will be carried out this attack.