BlackBerry’s new operating system is going to be launched soon. BB jump directly to the BlackBerry is 7 to 10. features that are ;

In today’s world where the most beautiful and expensive touchscreen smartphones are equipped with the Blackberry is behind the rest. According to a recent IDC report, RIM’s BlackBerry service and platform, the future does not look good. 68.3 per cent of the global smartphone market share Android Market is at the forefront. In 2016, according to IDC market share of 63.8 per cent of Android and BlackBerry’s share is 4.1 per cent, which is just 4.7 per cent. This is absolutely not to be bad because it can be very Aces. Economic Times had a chance to experience the brand new BB 10.


The developer will present units so as to enable old apps to fit new platforms. This is a step in the right direction to the company because the BlackBerry app is limited to the original complaint. Independent Technology Writer and PC World Editor’s old Ashish Bhatia says, “The BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system is really capable of. Combination Tap, swipe and gesture interface that’s interesting. But now not only the system itself makes a smart phone. A lot depends on the support so that the third party app developers. The question is whether at the time of launch BB 10 Skype, Dropbox and YouTube have?  You’ve seen the device is equipped with BB 10, the 4.2-inch touchscreen (1024 x 768 pixel resolution ङg) and dual-core processor is the alpha Dave. Launch the device in seconds and the screen can be physical Kwtir. Are expected to be priced at Rs 29 990



To view new messages are Notifikeshns must swipe upwards. Right – you have to swipe left will go directly into the hub wife.


Social Support Multiple Language support will be more than the new BBM. Voice and video chat over a data network can be both.

BB Hub

This includes all email, text and instant messaging (BBM and other) and social networks (Facebook and Twitter) updates are stored.

Better Multitasking

Eight apps like the card can be opened simultaneously. Can be easily switched to each other. Also like tiles Infrmeshn Windows 8 developers can choose the active cards.

BlackBerry-New OS
BlackBerry-New OS

Smart Contacts

Contact phone logs – these can be Intigret other social networks. Contakts the updates, meetings, schedules and other information can be found in one place.

Intelligent Camera

Nativ camera app can do this face is detected, with the Time Shift feature too. Subject to tap into this mode after taking the photo, you can see from Slader when she looked best.