Blackberry is a well known company in the world of smart phone makers. Recently the company has announced the launch of a brand new cell phone. This is an all touch cell phone that can be used for various purposes. The handset is a large one. This is different from the earlier one that the company has launched.


The screen of the mobile phone is 5 inches. The former model had been 4 inches large. However, the resolution of the phone is slightly low. In addition, the size increase has led to smaller pixel density. This means you get softer images when you snap a picture. You will get the right Blackberry mobile phone deals online.

9300blk1._blackberry-curve-3g-9300-mobile-phone-used-Key Features:

5 inch screen
AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) Display
8 Megapixel Camera
16GB storage
Reviewed price

Design of Phone:

Design of the phone is not out of ordinary. Yet, you will be delighted to know that Blackberry has taken special care to make this phone solid and sturdy. This handset is not slick and slim. Yet, this feels solid and safe when you hold this. The phone is solid in spite of the use of plastic instead of metal. The makers claim that they have created the phone for marathon. Therefore, you can use this without the fear of damaging the mobile. Each one of the button will feel solid.

Screen of Phone:

The screen of the phone is sharp. The colour reproduction is also good. This is something many smart phone makers struggle to produce. Even the black levels are bright and decent to look at.


Best BlackBerry Z30 White Deals will be worth the money. The device is responsive. The apps get open quickly. This is an added advantage. The connectivity of the phone is good well. You will get support 4G, WiFi and support of Bluetooth.

Battery Backup:

The battery backup of the phone is the unique feature. You can go on using this without interruption. However, there is one problem, the battery comes attached to the handset and cannot be removed. The battery gives around 18 hours of talk time. It will also get standby of 16 days.


The camera is pretty similar to the one that they have offered with Z10. The picture quality is the same. The front camera is 2 megapixel.


The memory of the phone is similar to Z10 as well. The phone however comes with larger storage and therefore you get better connectivity. What else are the makers offering? They are offering you a stable phone. The makers have attached dual stereo speaker with the phone and this has made listening to music a matter of pleasure. They have ensured that when you talk over the phone, you get to hear better as well.

Look for:

So, what can you look forward to? The smart phone is built on special foundation. This can be a pleasant experience for any user. This model comes with exceptional screen and keyboard features. Blackberry Z30 is created for unique texting experiences, communication and solid productivity.

Features in a Nutshell:

The processor of the phone is dual core. Expandable memory comes with MicroSD slot. Rear facing camera and front facing camera. The phone comes with 3.5 mm stereo. This is a sturdy yet light weight phone. Battery life is the most special feature of the phone. The makers have created interesting set which will not doubt attract the consumers. Yet, how far this set survives in the battle ground is a thing to watch out for.


Blackberry Z30 is a sensational smart phone, created for the avid mobile users. You can get the best deals from different websites.

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