Blackberry has launched a new Cheap and powerful features phone, with robust and powerful features at affordable prices in the market. BlackBerry Touch and Type display was presented in the new phone is equipped with many features. Youth attractive colors to attract the company has launched.

Q5 Blackberry
Q5 Blackberry

With powerful battery company launched its entry level phone call telling. Talk about the features of the new phone.

The launch of the new BlackBerry Q5 3.1 inch touchscreen display with 720×720 pixels is Rijyulusn. Small bottom of the screen QWERTY board – is that which is beautiful.

Operating system
BlackBerry’s new phone a few days before the launch of the new operating system “BlackBerry 10’s. BlackBerry 10 is a better user experience.

Processor and RAM
1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and the phone’s internal storage of 8GB.

Battery and connectivity
Phone connectivity 2G, 3G, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth and micro USB 2.0 port and a 2,100 mAh battery.

BlackBerry Q5 5 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front camera.

Price and Availability
Although the company did not disclose the price of the new phone. This entry level smartphone from BlackBerry is being reported.


Right now the cheapest in the market Blackberry phone Curve’s. Curve is nearly 10 thousand bucks. The new phone is expected to be lower than the price curve. BlackBerry Q5 will begin meeting in July. The company’s Messenger BBM app on devices running on Apple’s iOS operating system is offered to download.